Dance Floor Decor for Weddings

The decorating style that you pick for your dance floor rentals should complement the rest of the wedding theme or décor. Definitely, it is time for the celebration to start! The reception part of a wedding is all about having the best time, with plenty of tasty food, flowing Champagne and definitely, lots of dancing. Make the most of your reception using decorations to make it as cheerful as easy. There are some amazing ideas for dance floor décor for your wedding.

Dance floor décor ideas

The decorating style that you select for your dance floor should complement the rest of the wedding theme or décor. There are lots of fun ways to include excitement to the dance place in any type of reception venue. You can also use your dance floor accents to reinforce the ambiance or style created by the rest of the wedding theme.

One of the biggest trends in weddings these days is custom lighting effects. The dance floor is a remarkable place to explore this fresh concept. For a perfect evening wedding, have a custom monogram projected onto the dance area in your wedding colors? This is a remarkable effect, and a simple way to personalize any sort of reception site. The outcomes will be most dramatic if the lighting in the rest of the room is kept dim to let the monogram truly stand out.

Dance floor lights

There are other techniques that lights can be used to dress up a dance floor. For a rustic barn wedding, a beautiful idea is to drape the ceiling with a string of little white lights. A variation on this technique is to hand strong of those old fashioned style Christmas lights with big multi-colored bulbs.

For a retro or urban-inspired wedding, go with that disco ball, or dance floor music. A little bit tacky, but a whole lot of excitement, disco balls can be rented from party rentals firms. They glimmering and spinning mirrored balls cast small beams of lights onto the dance floors and the revelers and make for a truly upbeat party environment. This is the truly perfect effect if you plan to wear crystal bridal jewelry for your wedding because it will catch the flashes of light from the disco ball and make your shine and sparkle on the dance floor. Your guests will spend much of your wedding reception taking a spin around the dance floor. Improve the experience by making an area to dance that is fun and festive. You and your guests might find yourself dancing until the break of dawn.

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