The aging process of hair extensions

After you wash your hair extensions, will they get thicker? Before having hair extensions, this is one of the most often asked questions by women. The solution to this question, on the other hand, is not so simple. A hair salon can provide you with the finest advice depending on your individual situation.

Hair extensions have a few common rules that you should keep in mind. The kind of extensions decides whether the extensions will become thicker. When exposed to water, certain extensions thin out. The thicker the extension, the more water it absorbs and the more voluminous it seems.

Because of the washing process, some hair extensions appear thicker.

How do hair extensions age?

You can gain a better sense of the issue by reading this essay, which aims to answer this topic in full.

Patterns of curling

Generally, the curling pattern of the hair extensions influences whether your extensions will get thinner or thicker following a wash. If your hair is curly, for example, the connections will develop thicker because of this. Straight hair extensions, on the other hand, aren’t going to get thicker.


The final texture of the hair extension is also influenced by the type of fiber used to make it. Human hair extensions, for example, tend to thicken with time. Sebum and natural oils in your scalp are to blame for this. After all, there are three strands in a single strand of hair.

Extensions by this brand

Hair extensions, like other hair products, are available from a variety of manufacturers. As a result, no two hair extensions are exactly the same in terms of quality. Your extensions will look different depending on where you buy them from and the brand.

Hair extensions that you get from a reputable salon, for example, are less likely to thin out. For their part, inferior extension hair usually begins to weaken and lose its lustre after just a few washings. As a result, the hair seems brittle and unmanageable.

Oil and moisture can be absorbed by coatings and layers in high-quality hair extensions. Thus, the hair fiber is kept moist, and the hair strands are not dulled.


Maintaining hair extensions is just like caring for any other item. There isn’t much of a difference between having long hair and having medium-length or short hair. In terms of aesthetic impact, hair extensions may make a difference. You need to take care of them if they are to last for a long time.

When detangling or washing your hair, for example, exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging your hair. Make careful to only wash your hair sparingly after you’ve added hair extensions. Clip-in extensions, on the other hand, should be cleaned at least once a month if you’re wearing them.

Sewn-in hair extensions may be washed in the same way as natural hair. Excessive washing, on the other hand, might damage the hair extensions’ fibers.

In the end, it’s crucial to buy the proper things as well. Investing in hair extensions from a trustworthy manufacturer will save you time and money in the long run.


Your hair extensions may develop thinner or thicker over time. The hair extensions you use and how you care for them matter a lot. Typically, it is a big no for extensions to start thinning after a few months. For as long as you remember the tips that we have mentioned in this post, you are good to go.

You should contact your local hair extensions and express your worries for further information. Experts are the finest source of information about properly caring for your extensions. hypno

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