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When You Should Remove A Red Maple Tree?

Red maple trees are a thing of beauty. They have vibrant yet warm red leaves, which certainly look very beautiful, during the winter months. But there are some things you need to look out for especially if the tree is old and needs to be pruned or removed immediately. Arborist services can detect these things more quickly and accurately. Here is everything you need to know about red maple trees and when they need to be removed.

Red Maple Trees

Maple trees are very commonly found in North America and these are the very trees from which the infamous maple syrup is produced. The red maple tree, also known as Acer rubrum, belongs to the soapberry family of trees. The red maple is a fast-growing tree and it is seen a lot in the Eastern United States. They are extremely tall trees, which reach about 70 feet in height and have the fastest growth rate per year, which is about 17 to 18 inches.

The red maple tree is popular for the way it looks. During the autumn and cooler months, the leaves start to turn a beautiful shade of warm red and it looks really rich and mesmerizing. A lot of the time, the branches, trunks, and even the flowers are red. The red maple tree isn’t red throughout the year, but it still has that warm red tinge, which makes it stand out among other trees.

These trees grow best in a humid and moist environment and the soil needs to be acidic in nature, to promote the best growth and developing environment for the trees. These trees are also found in rocky places, but there may be a variation in the appearance and vibrancy of the color. During the springtime, these trees bloom the most and there is plenty of flower and sap production.

Sap is basically the thick liquid, which is extracted from the trunk of maple trees and from this, maple syrup is made. This is why pruning and cutting of branches needs to be done carefully, otherwise things might take a turn for the worse and you don’t want to compromise the health of the tree in any way, shape or form.

Signs Of An Old Tree & When To Prune Or Remove Them

Here are some signs which indicate that a red maple tree is infected or isn’t doing well and you need to either prune the tree branches or cut it down completely, to avoid huge accidents.

When There’s No Sap Production

If you really want to trim the branches of the trees and make the tree look less crowded than you want to do it, when there is no sap production in the tree. This is going to make sure that you’re not wasting any sap, which is an essential raw material for maple syrup.

The best time to prune or cut down a damaged part of a red maple tree is during late spring, when sap production is less. In this way, you can get rid of the unwanted branches and you won’t waste any sap either.

If There Are Tree Wounds

Trees can get wounded over time. This usually happens if there is wildlife living in the tree and there’s a lot of damage to the trunk and branches of the tree. You can look for tree wounds very easily by inspecting the trunk. If there are huge holes on the trunk, and it’s surrounded by a lighter colored border, then it is, undoubtedly, a tree wound.

Unfortunately, there are many natural reasons why a tree wound can occur. It can occur when there’s too much rain, a lot of wind and even if nutrients aren’t reaching the tree properly through the roots.

The Branches Are Not Healthy

You can evaluate the health of a tree, just by looking at its branches. For a healthy maple tree, the branches will be thick, upright and there will be a lot of leaves and flower production too. As for an unhealthy branch, the tree usually starts balding, the leaves start to fall down and there isn’t flower production at all.

This can be extremely alarming, and if you let it go unnoticed for a long time, then it can affect the general health of the tree and ultimately, the roots can weaken and the tree may fall down. Before any of this happens, you want to make sure that you are getting the tree inspected and weighing your options as to whether you want it to be removed by tree cutting services Kensington or not.

The Leaves Are Getting Brown

Another huge indicator that a red maple tree isn’t healthy anymore and it can fall off any time, is the browning of leaves. Usually, the leaves of the red maple tree are bright and red.

When there isn’t enough nutrition for the tree, the leaves can start to turn brown and they might ultimately weaken and fall off. The reason might be the roots losing their grip on the soil, or the soil being unfertilized.

The Tree Is Old

The general lifespan of a red maple tree is anywhere between 40 to 100 years, if they’re taken care of properly. As trees get old, the roots also weaken and they tend to incline or lean on one side. If the roots are not strong enough, then the nutrient passage for the tree can get compromised as well and that can lead to a lot of problems.

If the tree isn’t healthy, on top of being quite old then it’s best that you have it removed, before it falls down over roofs of neighboring houses and impart more damage.

There Is Fungus On The Trunk

Last but not least, you want to look for fungus and mildew on the trees and leaves. This is more like a contagious infection in trees and if any neighboring trees have fungus on them, then it can easily be transferred to another tree in close proximity. Fungus can appear on the trunk, branches, base of the tree as well as the leaves.

The fungus may appear white or greenish black, and if you see anything similar in appearance, then it’s better to call in a professional, because it’s probably too late to save the tree and the damage is done.

How To Remove A Maple Tree?

For removing a red maple tree, one of the best ways is to saw it off. You can call in someone who is a professional tree cutter and they can evaluate the best placement for the slash on the trunk, so that the tree falls to the ground, without harming anything in its surroundings.

If the tree is young and it needs to be removed, then it can be ripped off from the ground. You can also prune the branches of the tree if they’re damaged and that’s going to be enough.


Red maple trees are very easy to maintain and take care of, in general, and they hold great throughout the year. Just keep these things in mind, so that you know when the tree needs to be cut down, or removed completely. Then, use the services of tree removal companies Chevy Chase to get the tree removed.

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