8 Best Balayage Hairstyles You Can Try

Balayage is one of the trendy hair highlights today. It is a contrast of two-color tones that thoroughly mix together. Or you can say the two colors melt in each other completely, making your hair look natural as if you’ve never been to a balayage salon.

The Balayage was started in the late ’70s in France and now is the hottest trend worldwide. The reason behind its never-ending fashion is because it is softer and more natural as compared to any other highlights, such as ombre.

Like ombre, balayage starts from dark at the roots and transitions into lighter color at the bottom. But the difference is, balayage is a softer and free-hand application of the dye. You can never guess from where the color actually started.

Moreover, there’s a huge variety of balayage. You can choose any color from brown to red to purple, and even golden. So, if you’re confused about which color you should go with, this article is definitely for you. I have penned down some latest, trendy balayage hairstyles that you can get to make your hair flatter. So, here’s a list to go through.

Dark Brunette Hair

If you’re coloring your hair for the first time and you’re afraid, what might you end up with? Then, you should go with light colors, such as dark brunette. It is the most subtle form of hair highlights. You literally can’t figure out the color change that easily. But it gives your hair a tone from fade, dull color to fresh hair color. So, you can choose it if you want less drama and more elegance.

Muted Copper

Other than dark brunette, you can choose soft caramel colors as well. These muted copper shades will make your hair look natural yet fresher. And there’s this particular thing in this color. It emphasizes your features and makes your skin tone look brighter.

Dramatic Red

If you’re an adventurous person with yourself and want to look cool around everyone, then this fiery red tone is your type. It starts with dark red at the roots in red hair highlights and turns into a lighter shade of red at the bottom. The soft, loose curls along the length of your hair change their color from dark red to light red, so effortlessly making you look like a drama queen.

Icy Blonde

Are you in love with your blonds? But still want to highlight your hair. Then, you can go with a different tone of blonde and choose icy blonde balayage hair. So, you’ll have blonde hair color and still look different than anyone else.

Mermaid Blue

Mermaid blue is another breath-taking contrast of colors. It requires you to highlight your hair at the ends in a mermaid blue color. You don’t even have to color the upper part of your hair, that is, the roots part; you can keep it natural. Apply the highlights along the length of your hair and enjoy an effortless change.

Balayage is not just for long hair; you can also apply it for short hair. There’s no difference in the look. Short hair will also look as beautiful as long hair. But, in long hair, the color transition is more apparent when the hair locks fall down your back. So, for short hair, the most trendy balayage hairstyles are given ahead.

From Dark Brown To Light Brown

If you’re color-shy or want a safe hair color for wedding, you can style your hair with these color transitions. This balayage starts from dark brown color at the roots and ends at the lighter brown shade at the lower part. It will make your hair look fresh and natural.

From Dark Blonde To Light Blonde

With your bob chopped blonde hair, a contrast tone of light blonde will look natural and flawless. And to make your hair look more spectacular, you can part them from the center along with the waves throughout your hair. This will add more volume to your hair and make them look bouncy.

From Light Brown To Blonde

This color contrast is not with two same colors, but it still looks natural and stunning. Also, it works best for shoulder-length hair. It starts with light brown color at the roots and changes into blonde along the length, which softly kisses the end. And for a superb finish, you can add long curls.

Most hair salons offer balayage services. Just make sure you have an idea of what looks good on you. hypno

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