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How To Choose An Outdoor Fireplace For Your Backyard

Having an outdoor fireplace in your backyard is a great way to spend some relaxing time with your loved ones. You can choose amongst different outdoor fireplace types depending on your needs and the skills of your masonry contractor. In this blog, we are going to share everything you need to know about choosing an outdoor fireplace. Let’s begin!

Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

A wood-burning outdoor fireplace is going to be the perfect option if you wish to have probably the best outdoor fireplace experience. It can fit in small patios and yards. You can either build it yourself or purchase a ready-made system to save some time and money.

The best thing about a wood-burning outdoor fireplace is that it helps create a natural vibe on your backyard patio or deck. It features a chimney through which the smoke rises up. In addition to that, this type of outdoor fireplace adds value to the property as well. However, there are certain negative aspects too. For instance, it requires a lot of maintenance and can pose a fire hazard if left unattended.

Portable Outdoor Fireplace

A portable outdoor fireplace is designed to be portable and lightweight. This means that you can easily transport or re-locate it from one place to another if required. For example, if you are not able to sit outside due to rainy weather, you can move the fireplace inside and continue enjoying yourself with friends. Furthermore, such outdoor fireplaces are easy to store too when not in use. Not only that, portable outdoor fireplaces come with wheels and handles that allow users to push them effortlessly to a different area in the house.

Portable outdoor fireplaces are low maintenance units and are relatively less expensive than built-ins. Additionally, they can be easily transported but cannot be left unattended. Moreover, their heat zone is directed to one zone, which might make it difficult for others to enjoy.

Small Outdoor Fireplace

Even though small outdoor places are an excellent compact option, but even the slightest breeze can diminish the heat. However, a small outdoor fireplace in enclosed boxes can generate a lot more heat depending on what you are burning inside. The biggest advantage of using a small outdoor fireplace is space-saving. Plus, it is great for small group gatherings as well. However, considering its size, it will heat a limited area.

Small outdoor fireplaces are easily available ready made as well. You can also get one built by a masonry too. If you have a huge family or a large number of people to entertain during the weekends, you should opt for other options like a standard sized brick or stone outdoor fireplace.

Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Over the years, steel outdoor fireplaces have become more popular. Most people tend to get them custom-made according to their needs and preferences. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a steel outdoor fireplace is that it features a rigid exterior structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions and is both easy to maintain and clean as well.

On the other hand, once it burns, it can be very hot to touch and you cannot relocate it if needed unless it cools down. Furthermore, it is prone to rusting too. Different manufacturers apply different types of coatings to protect the fireplaces from rusting but sooner or later it will catch rust.

Propane-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

If you want an outdoor fireplace that really heats up the place, then a propane powered outdoor fireplace is going to suit your purpose. These fireplaces burn hotter than wood and natural gas. In addition to that, a propane-burning outdoor fireplace is a great option for heating up a large outdoor space too.

The best feature of these fireplaces is that you can simply turn them on with a switch and there are no ashes or embers to clean up. However, on the other hand, propane is not a renewable energy source and is expensive. Plus, the flames dance instead of crackling.

Final Word

When it comes to choosing an outdoor fireplace, you have to define your needs and preferences. You should choose a fireplace that is easy to maintain, clean, and not too expensive to run. In some states, you might need a permit too. Therefore, check-in with your local authorities too if required. All outdoor fireplace builders Long Island have the understanding of the local laws so you can let them handle the permit requirements and installation of the fireplace.

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