All About Sunglasses For Men

Women are known to be fashionable sex but this doesn’t mean that as a man you shouldn’t look trendy. One of the ways of looking great is buying sunglasses for men.

Men sunglasses style

As a man, there are plenty of sunglass style options that you can go with. The most popular are:

Clubmaster sunglasses: This is a classic style that is characterized by retro frames that are surrounded by rounded lenses. The units have a plastic top and wire rim around the bottom.

Aviator sunglasses: It’s a style that dates back in the 1930’s where they were popular with pilots. Pilots love them as they provide unrestricted views. They are characterized by a double bridge and metal frame with teardrop-shaped lenses.

Wraparound sunglasses: They are majorly used as sports sunglasses and protect your eyes from sunlight originating from the sides of the sunglasses.

Round frame sunglasses: Considered vintage, these units are characterized by circular lenses and frames. They are popular with musicians such as Elton John and John Lennon.

Wayfarer sunglasses: Introduced by Ray-ban, these fashionable sunglasses are timeless and you can use them on a wide range of applications.

How to buy the right sunglasses as a man

For you to buy the right units you need to consider a number of factors. These factors include:

Frame styles: Sunglasses come in different frame styles for you to choose from. The most common are full-frame, half frame, and frameless. When choosing a frame, consider the durability of the units and the look that you want to create. If you want units that will last for a long time go for the full-frame sunglasses.

Lenses: Lenses come in different shapes, designs, and colors. It’s up to you to choose the ones that accentuate your look. When making the purchase, pay close attention to the material used in making the sunglasses. Most of the common materials used in making the units are plastic, optical glass, and polycarbonate. Regardless of the type of lens that you choose, ensure that it’s scratch-resistant.

You have many options as a man on the sunglasses that you can choose from. For your designer sunglasses to last for long you need to take good care of them. When it comes to cleaning, always use a microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper towels to clean the units as they tend to leave scratches. When you aren’t using your glasses, always store them in a sturdy case.

Sunglasses have been around for a long time. Due to this, there are plenty of myths surrounding them. Some of these myths include:

All designer sunglasses provide you with 100% UV protection

While they are expensive and some sellers advertise that they can provide you with 100% UV protection, this isn’t always the case. There are some designer sunglasses that don’t live up to their promise. It’s good to note that reputable brands such as Oakley, Rayban, and Fastrack provide 100% protection; therefore, they are the best units to go for.

Sunglasses can’t correct vision

If you ask many people they will tell you that sunglasses are only effective in protecting eyes from UV rays and use as a fashion statement. While many people wear them for the above two reasons, there are a few sunglasses that come with power in their lenses thus help you in correcting your vision. If you are shortsighted or longsighted you can order customized glasses and fix your vision problem.

Darker tint sunglasses are more protective than those with a lighter tint

It’s good to note that the tint of the sunglasses has nothing to do with the ability of the sunglasses to protect you from UV rays. Just like the tint of the fashionable sunglasses doesn’t offer UV protection, neither does the color of the lenses. This means that you should never buy sunglasses of a given color thinking that they will protect your eyes from UV.

Designer sunglasses are always the best

If you have been shopping for sunglasses you must have noticed that the high-end sunglasses come at a higher price. While they are expensive, it doesn’t mean that they are the best. Studies show that most of the sunglasses are made from the same company. The difference in pricing comes about due to branding. This means that when you pay for the designer units, you will most likely be paying for the name.

If you are highly concerned with your look, you should go for the high-end designer units but if you aren’t too concerned, you should research and find high-quality sunglasses that will come at a price that is even half that of designer units.


These are common myths with sunglasses. When you are buying any of the sunglasses, ensure that you buy from a reputable sunglasses store. The store will not only sell you high-quality units, but you will also get a guide on the best units for your face.

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