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Common problems with furnaces and their solutions

Indeed, nothing is worse than waking up at night because the furnace is not working. In that case, your house would be all cold, and getting a proper night’s rest would be out of the equation. But this is something that you can avoid by getting regular maintenance from furnace repair services.

Different problems and their fixes

Fortunately, knowing what is wrong with your furnace can help you save time and can also sometimes resolve the issue. So, let us look at some common problems that furnaces face and the solutions to these problems.

Thermostat is off

While this might sound like a no-brainer, sometimes the thermostat turns off at night, and we do not even realize it. Only after hours of pondering, we realize that the thermostat is off. It is not surprising that many people make service calls without checking the thermostat first.

After all, if the thermostat is off, your heat pump will have no way to figure out the temperature inside the house. Hence, it might not be able to bring your house to a comfortable temperature. Due to this, the furnace will either overdo it or underdo it.

No heat production

Well, if the furnace is not producing heat, there could be several reasons for that. First of all, check whether the thermostat settings are set to heating. Then, try moving the dial a few degrees up and down to see if it makes a difference.

If nothing works, then check if the fuse is tripping or if the circuit breaker of the house is okay. You can do that by testing the circuit breaker manually. Just flip it up and down a few times. Then, let it stay in the position where it says “ON”. After that, test your heat furnace again. This should pretty much solve it if the problem is not too big.

Clogged filters

Sometimes, when the filters of a furnace have clogs in them, the heat production will be less as well. Checking whether the filters have any clogs is a common practice that can help you pinpoint the exact problem with your furnace.

Now, filter replacement in heat furnaces is nothing complex, and you can do it yourself as well. In fact, you should be cleaning your filters yourself regularly, just like you do with air conditioners. This will keep your furnace working top-notch and will also help you save a lot of time.

Safety Switch

Sometimes, the safety switch on the furnace also gets flicked. Hence, it is important to always check where the safety switch on the door of your furnace is pointing. If the access panel is not attached, the safety switch will not let your burner and fan come to life.

These safety switches automatically pop out as soon as you remove the door. So, for the switches to be active, the furnace door must attach properly. Otherwise, the heating furnace will not turn on. If you have recently opened up the furnace door, then it is a good idea to check whether you securely put it back or not. This can also sometimes solve the issue and will save you plenty of time.


The tips present in this article can help you avoid costly services and save time. Though, they will not always work. Sometimes, the issue is deeper than you know, and a layperson cannot really address it.

So, if you are clueless about what is wrong with your furnace, then calling furnace services Long Island is probably your best bet. Just make sure that the company you have chosen is reliable enough and has decent reviews.

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