How to Choose a Right Family Planing Clinic

There are so many abortion clinics, but not all of them are worth your attention. You can check this article to help you find a good one


One of the best things about women’s healthcare nowadays is that they are more open to the idea of first-trimester abortion clinics. However, not all of them are good, and deciding where to go can be confusing. This is your health and safety, and you cannot just go to any clinic you see. In case you are wondering if it is safe to get an abortion or not, perhaps the right clinic can help you decide.

Here is a guide on how to choose an abortion clinic for you:

Polite and kind staff

Take note of how the staff treats you because it can affect your mood and overall experience. If you feel that their staff is cold, robotic sounding, and rude, this is an indication of how they see patients. A good clinic makes sure that their patients are treated with respect, sensitivity, privacy, kindness, and understanding. You will actually feel that from the moment you call them, and you must feel comfortable.

Check their legitimacy

There are those who lure in vulnerable women who want to get an abortion. These clinics will normally call themselves as “crisis pregnancy centers.” Their advertisement is too literal and aggressive under abortion. The people who run this place are normally anti-abortionists who want to manipulate you not to push through. You should call them directly and ask if they perform abortions. In case their answer is not honest and straightforward, move on.

Effective procedure

Another crucial aspect you must look for is how the doctor attends to patients, their safety, competence, and procedure efficacy. You must know that there is successful abortion when it is not associated with complications, keeps you fertile, and none life-threatening.

Research about their reputation

You can start by checking out their website and reading patient reviews online regarding their services. In case they list medical pieces of advice, check their training and level of experience. Do they have a clear history? How long have they been doing this? Always ask the right questions and do not be afraid to do so.

It would also be good to set an appointment before getting an abortion to see how the atmosphere in their clinic is like. Are the surroundings clean? Do they sterilize and sanitize everything? You should feel safe and cared for.

Privacy and confidentiality

Just like other types of clinics, abortion clinics must respect and maintain your privacy. In addition, abortion clinics are still being stigmatized today in a lot of communities. This can add stress to you, but those that respect patient privacy will never disclose any information about you. Their waiting room should be separate from the exit, so no one sees you leaving the clinic and you will not see who are waiting.

They are also known as dc women’s choice clinic, and make sure to follow the tips before choosing.

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