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How Do You Tell If A Tree Is Stressed

Trees are living beings as well. They play an important role in the ecosystem by providing fresh air to humans and animals. However, sometimes, trees can become stressed. In the forests, trees can survive for a hundred years or more but in cities, a few decades. So, let’s discuss how you can determine if a tree is stressed or should you get help from tree services.

Improper Growth

There are several factors contributing to trees being stressed. Amongst the most common signs is improper growth, which is usually caused due to planting a tree in the wrong climate or region. Trees may look more or less the same from the outside but significantly differ in the way they survive.

This means that while some tree types are only meant for cold regions, others will only survive in hot conditions. Therefore, if you were to plant a tree in the wrong place or region, it won’t grow at its normal pace. It could also be that the tree grows well in your region but was planted in the wrong area or location.

Homeowners tend to install plants and trees based on their preferences. However, that does not always settle with the trees. If you have opted for a type that cannot be exposed to sunlight, you will simply end up killing it.

The Tree Has Soft Spots

If you observe that your tree has soft spots, it surely means there is something wrong with it. In most cases, the tree is trying to tell you that it is under stress. Soft spots usually occur due to fungal problems, infestation, or any other problem. It could also be under stress due to a wound.

Unfortunately, most homeowners miss out on tree stress because they ignore touching their tree and feeling it for soft spots. However, once the spots turn big enough to be spotted by the eyes, the situation is supposed to turn worse until then.

Therefore, as soon as you discover or identify some soft spots on the tree, you should immediately call a professional tree company. It might be that the tree is dealing with a life-threatening situation and needs urgent care.

Pests Lurking Around The Tree

Weakened plants are most likely to be attacked by pests and insects. If you notice that a certain area of the tree is infested, you need to remove it. The reason is that you should prevent pests or infections from spreading or expanding.

Keep in mind that pests are smart creatures. They are always on the lookout for weak trees. Upon finding one, they will brutally attack it and consume the tree till someone helps get rid of them. In addition to that, trees that are neglected, underwatered, or overwatered are not living in ideal conditions.

This could lead to the tree becoming weaker as it remains under stress. As a result, the pests will attack when the tree is at its weakest.

Falling Leaves And Branches

It is normal for trees to shed their leaves and branches at least once every year. This is a process that usually takes place when the weather changes. However, if you observe that your tree is suddenly shedding leaves and the branches are falling off, you should know that it is turning weak and under stress.

This could be a serious problem, which could lead to death in some cases. It might be that someone has sprayed inappropriate chemicals or used the wrong type of fertilizers. As a result, the tree is poisoned and will not be able to live for long unless an expert attends to it.

And if nothing works, you will need to bring down the tree and install a new one in its place. Some trees will only last a few days until they die depending on the situation or intensity of the stress.

Final Word

That’s it about stressed trees. The symptoms may vary based on the tree but if you observe unusual spots, signs, or activity, you should know that something is wrong and needs immediate attention. An arborist will inspect the tree and tell you about its chances of survival. If it’s near death, find tree removal companies Kensington for tree felling.

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