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What Causes An AC Compressor To Overheat And How To Prevent It

The compressor of your air conditioner is responsible for flowing the refrigerant throughout the AC system to keep your house cool in summer. However, sometimes a compressor overheats and stops working. You should find the cause of the problem to fix the issue and call in an HVAC repair service. Let’s start the guide!

Signs That The AC Air Compressor Is Overheating

The Compressor Won’t Turn On

If the compressor is not able to turn itself on, there is definitely a problem with it. In this case, the most common problem is heating issues. If the cooling cycles are taking longer, the internal components would have less time to cool down. Another sign is that the air compressor or some other components take longer to start.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

A circuit breaker acts as a protective measure to shield the AC unit from potential damages. But if it keeps tripping at random periods of time, it points towards a bigger problem with the air conditioner.

Frequent Repairs

If your air conditioning unit is requiring frequent repairs and breaks down regularly even a few weeks after a service, some of it components like the compressor, air vents, or refrigerant levels, are acting weird.

Causes Of An AC Compressor Overheating

Low Refrigerant Or Overcharged Refrigerant

If your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels are not normal, you may experience overheating of the air compressor. Both extremes: low refrigerant and too much refrigerant put pressure on the compressor and it starts overheating. Regularly check refrigerant levels to avoid such problems.

Clogged Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are the tubes that connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit and carry the refrigerant with the pressure provide by the compressor. When these coils become dirty, it becomes tough for the refrigerant to absorb heat from the inside of the house and release it outside through the outer. Due to this, the compressor gets the signal to work harder and it overheats. The solution of this cause is to keep the condenser coils clean.

Less Maintenance

Many times, the reason of an overheated air compressor is lack of HVAC maintenance. Neglected ACs experience decrease in efficiency. Many small problems accumulate and put pressure on the compressor that soon overheats.

Wrong AC Size

When the size of an air conditioner is too small for a house, it has to work harder to keep the house cool. With time, its components begin showing problems and one of them is an overheated air compressor.

If you find that your AC is taking a long time to cool down your house, it’s too small for your house and needs upgrade or replacement.

High Voltage Problems

Surge in voltage is uncommon, but if your house sees voltage surge, it could be problematic for the air compressor and can also trip a circuit. The outside unit won’t be able to turn on and you will experience the AC tripping continuously.

How To Prevent The Compressor From Overheating?

Clean And Improve Ventilation

If you want to avoid the compressor overheating problems keep the vents clean. Inspect every vent to ensure that they can carry proper airflow and aren’t blocking the air from entering any part of the vent or room. Talk with an AC service and get recommended dimensions of vents for your home. If the vents are smaller, you should consider their replacement.

Monitor The Compressor

Check the compressor regularly and ensure that it is healthy. Moreover, if your demands have increased and you need more power, consider updating the compressor or the AC unit.

Scheduled Maintenance

If you carry out regular maintenance of your HVAC unit frequently or hire an HVAC repair service, it will keep your air conditioner working in its best condition. Because of the frequent check-ups, you would be able to spot problems and fix them before they become a headache.

Final Word

This was a guide to help you find the main causes of an overheating compressor. We provided signs and ways to prevent the events of an overheated compressor. If you notice any signs of compressor problems, instead of doing it yourself, hire an air conditioner repair service Fairfax to inspect your AC and propose solutions that will help you use a fully-functioning AC for a longer time period.

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