How To Choose From Different Blonde Hair Colors

Everyone wants a perfect blonde hair color that pops in the sun and looks even and mesmerizing. For highlights, here are some of the amazing blonde dyes you can finalize before your appointment to a balayage salon. Let’s begin!

Ash Blonde

This color is the only blonde color which doesn’t leave any hint of golden in your hair. It turns your hair to a ghastly grey color, but it is super chic and trendy. It is becoming increasingly popular among women because it adds a lot of definition to your hair. It also looks good with darker highlights and can be achieved on darker hair with minimal toning.

Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde is a beautiful amber color mixed with golden hues. Think of melted sugar and the color of caramel mixed with golden, this is exactly what caramel blonde is. It is almost similar to a dark brown color, which is why it looks amazing on light skin tones. This color is easy to achieve on darker hair too.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is more of a trendy color but you cannot go wrong with a blonde mane which has hints of stark red in it. It almost looks auburn in some lights, but it is mainly a very cool red and golden mix of colors. Usually, this color looks good with fair skin tones and it really brings out the color red. It also shines beautifully in the sunlight, making your hair look like a wave of fire.

Beige Blonde

Beige blonde is the perfect unison of the very edgy ash blonde and golden blonde. The golden color adds a lot of warmth to the ash color. Darker highlights look amazing with it as well and this color goes with all types of skin tones. It is the perfect mixture of cool and warm undertones and it looks like a masterpiece afterwards.

Golden Blonde

This is also a very common blonde color and it is probably one of the easiest of them all to get, even on darker hair colors. In the sunlight, this color almost shines like gold and darker highlights look amazing with this color too. It also doesn’t make your hair look flat and it adds a lot of dimension to your mane.

Sandy Blonde

As the name suggests, think of the most golden and white sand, which shines in the sunlight. Sandy blonde looks very natural and it is the most preferred blonde color. It is very similar in comparison to pearl blonde, but sandy blonde has more cooler undertones of white, whereas pearl blonde is more warm and soft. This color is also hard to achieve on darker hair color and you will need several salon appointments to get rid of the choppy red undertones of dark hair to achieve the perfect white sand color in your hair.

Pearl Blonde

Pearl blonde is the lightest shade of yellow blonde that you can go. After that comes ash blonde which is more grey in hue. Pearl blonde is almost white, but it has a hint of warmth from the yellow undertones. This color looks amazing on lighter skin tones, but achieving this color can be a huge hassle, especially if your hair is not already light. Darker hair will need a lot of toning to get rid of the red undertones. Other than that, pearl blonde looks amazing with darker or similar color highlights.

Dirty Or Dark Blonde

There is light blonde, and then there is a dusty dark blonde. Dirty blonde is also a very interesting color and it works amazingly with darker hair too, if you want to go for highlights. Dirty blonde is not as stark as pearl or ash blonde and there are hints of dark brown in the hair and it almost looks like your blonde hair had a tan. It is a beautiful color and looks amazing with all skin tones, whether it is light or dark.


There you have it! Who says blonde is just one simple color? There is a plethora of this golden color in the blonde spectrum. Choose one or a few and visit your favorite hair highlights salon Olney MD to get the perfect locks. hypno

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