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What Is A Good Pool Depth

Swimming pools come in a variety of different shapes & sizes. Depending on your needs and preferences, a swimming pool could be used for entertainment or simply for relaxing. This will decide the appropriate depth of your pool that in ground pool builders need to begin their work. So, let’s take a look into how you can come up with a perfect pool depth keeping in view some important factors.

How Deep Is An Average Pool?

On average, residential inground pools have a depth of 8ft. This is the minimum depth for a swimming pool if you intend to dive in. Plus, if the swimming pool contains diving boards, it is important that the swimming is slightly bigger to ensure safe dives. As a result, swimming pools with diving boards are relatively bigger than pools without diving boards.

This is why, when it comes to determining the perfect depth of a pool, you should consider your needs and preferences. If you simply want a swimming pool to relax, you wouldn’t want to go too shallow. If safety is your utmost priority, go for a pool depth that is around 5ft.

This is specifically the case if you have children or pets in the house and even adults who do not know how to swim. Even though safety covers can help those who are not able to swim but having a shallower pool will reduce the risk of drowning as people would be able to stand upright, keeping their heads above water.

Pool Depth If You Plan On Diving In

If you want a swimming pool to help escape the heat and dive in every other day, you should opt for a depth that is at least 8 ft. Back in the day, swimming pools used to have diving boards but that has become uncommon nowadays. This is primarily done due to safety problems.

Therefore, a swimming pool that will be used for diving should have a depth that is safe for everyone. If the depth happens to be less than 8ft, there is a risk of divers injuring themselves as they hit the pool ground. In addition to that, you should keep in mind that pool accidents also occur due to overly tall or inebriated divers. That said, pools should be 8 ft deep at the least whether you’re using diving boards or not. And in some commercial pools, the depth could go to 16 feet as well.

Pool Depth If The Pool Will Be Used For Sports

If you plan on using the pool for entertainment and fun, it should be around 4 to 6 ft. Swimming pool games and sports such as volleyball, polo, and basketball are hugely popular. These sports require physical exertion, which means that the players will need to stand straight at all times to compete with each other. If not for adults, this depth is fine for kids.

At this depth, both adults and kids will have a firm position to dunk or pass the ball. Plus, when it comes to water polo, the pool depth should be around 6 ft. The reason is that the game requires the swimmers never to touch the pool’s bottom. Even though such rules are hardly implemented but if you plan on sticking to the rules hard and fast, then a 6ft depth is going to be perfect.

Pool Depth If You Simply Want To Cool Off

If you plan on having a swimming pool strictly for light swimming, relaxing, or lap swimming, a pool depth between 4 to 6 ft will suffice. This will allow you to swim and relax free without worrying about the fact that you have floated into the deeper side of the pool.

Furthermore, pools with such depths are also appropriate for elders with disabilities and women as well that are not strong swimmers. Moreover, if you want to keep the costs down, the pool will need to be smaller. The more the depth, the higher the costs. At the same time, you will be paying for different parts of the pool but saving money by opting for a manageable depth.

With that said, you can opt for a vinyl liner pool that is comparatively less expensive than its counterparts. On top of that, the maintenance will be quite easy and the installation costs won’t break your budget as there will not be much excavation work needed to be done.

Final Word

Concluding, choosing the perfect depth for your pool primarily depends on what the pool is going to be used for. As a general rule of thumb, the depth should be safe for both adults and kids to spend some time relaxing and engaging in water sports should some friends and family members decide to jump in. Consult pool contractors and find out the right pool depth for your preferences and budget. lagrass

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