What Is Nano Carbon Ceramic Tint

There is no doubt that the automotive industry is making significant progress each year. With it, the auto window tinting market is seeing innovations as well. One of the most impressive advancements is the introduction of nanocarbon ceramic tints. It is basically a film that blocks the UV rays and is made using non-conductive and non-metalized elements. Since it is a relatively new type of tint, let’s discuss it in detail to see what benefits it has to offer.

Why Use Nano Carbon Ceramic Tints for Car Windows?

Glare And Ultraviolet Protection

As mentioned previously, nano carbon ceramic tints are made to block the UV rays and protect the interior of the vehicle from constant exposure to sunlight. Plus, it also helps protect the passengers from being exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged durations, preventing skin from damage. In addition to that, nano carbon ceramic tints only allow 5 to 50% of sunray which reduces glares as well.

Furthermore, nano carbon ceramic tints also contain do not contain dye, which means they are unlikely to fade over time. However, nano carbon ceramic tints cost 20% more than dyed tints. If you wish to have privacy and security, you can opt for nanocarbon ceramic tints that are slightly expensive but a lifetime’s worth of investment.

And perhaps one of the most impressive features of nanocarbon ceramic tint is that it does not darken our windscreen. As it blocks the majority of the rays entering inside the vehicle, the interior of the vehicle remains comparatively cool and comfortable.

Legal Complaint & Varying Colors

Every state has different regulations pertaining to window tints. For instance, anything less than 88% is unlawful in San Diego. At this percentage, vehicle owners in San Diego will be getting zero protection and privacy from the tints. This is why, some vehicle owners tend to fit their front windscreen with a limo tint but unfortunately, that can be against the laws. But if you were to choose nano-carbon ceramic tints, not only will you easily prevent legal trouble but also receive enough privacy and heat protection as you would with a standard window tint.

Quality & Privacy

Back in the day, car fanatics used to look for budget-friendly stuff. However, today they are willing to pay the price for better quality even when it comes to tints. When it comes to tints, there is a huge variety available out there. However, nano carbon ceramic tints have taken the lead in a very short span of time due to their ceramic visuals and heat reduction capability. Installing nano carbon ceramic tints in your vehicle will help increase fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, nano carbon ceramic tints can also provide the privacy and security you need. The advanced technology keeps the valuable protected against prying eyes and despite being dark, these tints do not interfere with visibility while driving.

Shatter Proof

Nano carbon ceramic tints feature shatterproof technology, which means the glass will remain intact even after a crash. As a result, these types tend to be a safer option than standard tints. Then again, the price for these tints is slightly on the higher side but you will be at peace knowing that in the case of an accident, the glass will not shatter and harm any passengers. At the same time, all-ceramic products are a little expensive due to their modernized and effective properties.

Energy Efficiency

Nano carbon ceramic tints may slightly be on the expensive side but have yet another benefit to offer, which is energy efficiency. During the summer season, when the sun is at its peak, vehicle owners crank up the air conditioner to cool down the interior as soon as possible. This increases the fuel consumption of their vehicle.

However, if you were to install the carbon-ceramic window tints, around 40% of the UV rays will be blocked which will keep the car comparatively cooler. As a result, the air conditioning system won’t have to work harder than usual to achieve the desired temperature.

Additionally, nano carbon ceramic tints do not contain metal elements, which means they are unlikely to interfere with your vehicle’s technology. Therefore, your navigation system won’t have a problem with its function with the tints installed.

Final Word

Nano carbon ceramic tints are increasing in popularity and for all the right reasons. If you are living in a region that experiences hot weather conditions mostly throughout the year, it is time that you invest in nanocarbon ceramic tints to reap the above-mentioned benefits. And, make sure that you get the tints installed by certified window tint shops Springfield.

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