What should you know about dab wax vapes?

Wax vape pens are new to the scene and help you consume concentrates in a unique way. They are more like the successors of the dab rig and are highly portable. If you are a new wax user and have never used vapes before, worry not, because we are here to help you out. Just make sure that you are getting the best dab vapes for maximum value.

All about dab wax vapes

Wax vapes come in a range of sizes and shapes. In the market, you can find both large and small wax vapes. Of course, their prices also vary a lot. But at the end of the day, the working of these vapes is very similar.

All of them feature a battery that sends current. This current goes into a coil attachment. The coil attachment produces heat, which helps convert the wax into vapour. However, over a period, this vape coil can begin to wear out and requires replacement.

Some wax vapes only have a single setting on which they work. On the other hand, some vapes allow you to adjust the power settings, which changes the output of heat. Based on this, you can tune the temperature and vapour amount.

In all the cases, the vape is turned on by clicking five times. The process of turning on the vape is quite similar to a regular vape. Based on the features, the same button can be used to change the wattage settings of the device.

Coils of wax vapes

The coil is the most important component present in a vape device. This is the component that heats up and produces a cloud of vapour. So before choosing any vape, make sure that the coil is of good quality.

Maintenance and cleanliness of your vape

Wax is a messy and sticky substance. So, you will need to clean the pen. However, you should remember that vape also contains an electronic battery. You must never use liquids such as water for its cleaning. Instead, it is preferred to make sure of dry cloth for wiping the exterior.

Sometimes, the wax causes a buildup after heating, which in turn causes splatter on the walls. In order to get rid of such mess, you must scrape the walls of the vape around the coil. However, make sure that you are not poking the coil otherwise it can get damaged. The wax will start vaporizing if you scrape near the coil.

Charging the vape

Before trying to use the vaping device, it is important to fully charge it. This is especially important if you are going on a trip where frequent charging may not be possible. Some vapes have a micro USB charging attachment while others have a port charger.

The amount of time that your vaping device will take to get fully charged depends on the model. Sometimes, the battery light turns off after the vape is fully charged. Make sure that you are not leaving your vape plugged in the cord overnight. Otherwise, the battery can become significantly weak over time.


In this article, we have put together everything that you should know about wax vapes. Remember that like other vapes, wax vapes also require proper maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes, the parts may also go bad, which will require replacements.

But the best part about wax vapes is that all their components are fully replaceable. So, if something goes wrong with your vape, you will not have to buy a whole new device. Just make sure that your vaping device comes with a high-quality dab vaporizer coil. This will result in smoother and better vapour.

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