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Is Bottled Water Delivery Worth It

There might be situations where you just need to have bottled water home delivery. It might be your home, workplace, or somewhere else. Here are some things you need to know about whether or not bottled water services are worth it.

Bulk Or Individual Bottles?

Bottled water comes in a lot of sizes, but the most common ones are the gallon bottles which can be fitted on top of a dispenser, or the small 500 ml individual bottles. Now the size of which bottle you want to go for depends on the consumption of water in your space. If it is for your house and a lot of people drink water, then you will need those gallon bottles to go through a month. If it is for a small workplace or event, then the small individual bottles will work just fine too.

Is It Cheap?

Bottled water is not cheap. It is obviously more expensive than the supply of water or even putting a water filter on the tap. It is an expensive commodity if you choose bottled water over the supply water. But there are a lot of people with health issues and they need bottled water for drinking, so there is nothing you can do about the price if this is your main concern. It usually costs from $2 to $10 depending on the size and the water service you go for. There are also delivery charges and other fees which need to be paid.

Is Bottled Water Delivery Good?

Bottled water tastes amazing. It is mineral-rich and it doesn’t have a foul or bad taste. There are a lot of issues with tap and supply water which people find off-putting. There might be weird smells, off colors and the taste might not be the best either. But bottled water has nothing of that sort. It is clean and safe drinking water at your service. You don’t need to worry about things like the smell, taste, and color of the bottled water, because this water is treated and then supplied to you. It is the best quality of water you can find.

Water Quality Of Bottled Water Delivery Services

There are a lot of types of water which are available for you to get delivered to your doorstep. There is spring water, freshwater, well water, alkaline water, enriched water, the list goes on. Now you need to decide what type of water you want for yourself and others to be delivered.

Of course, all waters have different price ranges and the price will go up as the purity increases. You need to keep this in mind. But again, if you need bottled water only for drinking and you cannot stomach any other kind of water because of a health issue, then you have a lot of options.

What Are The Services They Offer?

The services are what make or break a deal. If your water delivery service is giving you free refills, discounts, free delivery, and other perks, then it’s totally worth it getting it delivered to you. It will be less expensive and you will have perks to go along with it. Other types of water delivery services can be a little less accommodating and they will charge you for almost everything. So, you need to find a water delivery service which will meet you in the middle and negotiate some things with you.

Timely Delivery

A lot of people are put off by the time of the delivery of water. You need to see which delivery service is best and provides you with clean water at an affordable price and on time. Timely delivery of something so important like water is highly important because you don’t ever want to be out of water. This is why you need to see which company delivers water to you timely. If they don’t deliver water timely, then it’s not worth it to go through the trouble of contacting them and seeing where they are.


There you have it! The decision solely depends on your preference and the options you have available on hand. If nothing else comes up, then a drinking water delivery service Erie is your best choice.

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