Why Does My Gas Deep Fryer Keep Shutting Off?

Gas deep fryers are an important part of commercial and household kitchens. Although, they are built to last but are not failproof. Sometimes, they run into problems that leave you clueless and you need the expertise of a commercial appliance repair technician. But there is no need to panic. Below are some common reasons your gas deep fryer might be shutting off along with troubleshooting tips to help fix the issue.

Check The Outlet

The first thing you need to do when it comes to diagnosing a deep fryer that keeps shutting off is to check the power outlet. If the gas deep fryer keeps shutting off, it might be that the power outlet is providing intermittent supply.

Even though it is rare for power outlets to become faulty unless there is continuous or huge electric fluctuation, you should not ignore them. So, the best way to fix the issue is to determine the source of the problem. Try connecting the gas deep fryer to another outlet.

Make sure that the unit is cool, especially if it has been used recently. Gas deep fryers can turn extremely hot and can lead to serious injuries if you are not careful. Try changing the power outlet to see if the issue remains. If the gas deep fryer continues to shut off, it means there is a problem with the unit itself.

Sometimes, the power outlets look perfectly fine from the outside but are burned from the inside. So, you need to give it a deep inspection as well. Plus, you can also use a multimeter to check the outlet for continuity.

The Power Cord Is Damaged

Another possible reason your gas deep fryer might be shutting off is that the power cord is damaged. Then again, power cords are tough components and will only wear out with time or if mishandled. If the power cord has knots or is tangled, the chances of cracks and other damages are more likely.

Essentially, power chords are tough and made to last as they provide power to the unit. However, Improper storage techniques and pressing them against the wall at sharp angles contribute to damage. If your gas deep fryer keeps shutting off, you need to check the power chord for damages.

It might be that the chord is slightly damaged and is not able to transfer power. In such a case, you need to stop using the deep fryer as it could further lead to damages or injuries. If you have a spare chord, try replacing it to see if that solves the issue.

If it does, you can buy a new replacement from the manufacturer or local appliance store.


Overheating is a logical reason your gas deep fryer is shutting off. You might have thought that gas deep fryers are designed to handle extremely high temperatures but that does not mean it cannot cause problems. The temperature of the oil basket is supposed to be extremely high.

However, if the internal components feel more or less the same, it means there is a serious problem. There is a difference between the two. The internal components of a gas deep fryer are not supposed to turn extremely hot.

To avoid such situations, some gas deep fryers come with safety features that shut down the unit if it exceeds a certain temperature. If you find out that is the case, you will need to consult an expert. Do not touch or go near the deep fryer when it is hot.

Overheating is a common problem in many appliances. For example, if your ice dispenser doesn’t make ice and overheats, you should turn it off and consult an ice dispenser repair Fairfax professional.

The Heating Element Is Faulty

A faulty heating element could also be the reason your gas deep fryer is shutting down. If you were not aware of what a heating element is, it is simply a component inside the gas deep fryer that transforms the electrical energy from the power outlet into a high temperature for cooking food items.

If you have a gas deep fryer that has a faulty heating element, it will either produce no or too much heat. This could be a very dangerous situation for people in the surrounding area. To check the issue, you will need to access the unit.

Consult the user manual and make sure to only access if and when the unit is cool. Once you have accessed the heating element, you will need to check it for continuity. Keep in mind that you can have a heating element that gives positive continuity readings as well. So, do not hurry yourself with your conclusions.

Blown Fuses

If everything seems to be fine, it might be that your gas deep fryer has a blown fuse. Fuses are designed and installed in electric appliances as a safety feature to prevent the units from expensive damage in case of electrical surges. These are minor yet very important components of gas deep fryers.

Then again, to check for a blown fuse, you will need to access the unit. Unlike the other components on the list, identifying a blown fuse is relatively easier. All you need to do is look for burn signs. If that is the case, it means the fuse is blown and you will need to replace it. You will be easily able to find a replacement from your nearest hardware store.

Circuit Board Is Dead

Finally, it comes down to your circuit board. If nothing else seems to be working, it means your circuit board is dead. In this case, the deep fryer will simply fail to turn on. Circuit boards are rigid components and become damaged only due to power surges.

Electrical fluctuations or other reasons can cause overheating of the circuit board that might partially or fully fry the board. In this case, you will need to check if the damage is covered by a warranty. If the unit is old and the warranty is long gone, you should opt for a new replacement.

The reason is at this point, the deep fryer has reached its maximum lifespan and will regularly need repairs. So, opting for a replacement is better than paying for the repairs.

How To Prevent Gas Deep Fryer Issues?

The best way to prevent gas deep fryer issues is by scheduling professional maintenance and performing regular inspections. Since gas deep fryers mostly work round the clock in commercial kitchens, the employees need to keep it clean and be on the lookout for unusual signs and symptoms.

On the other hand, professional maintenance means that an expert thoroughly inspects the unit at least once or twice a year depending on the usage, and fixes any repairs or replacements before they turn serious. At the same time, the expert will also perform the much-needed cleaning to ensure the unit works smoothly.

You might be tempted to ignore professional maintenance and ask your employees to perform the maintenance to save money but you will be risking both the safety and health of your employees and the unit. Professional maintenance is an investment rather than an expense. It will go a long way in keeping you and your unit out of trouble.


There are several reasons your gas deep fryer might be shutting off. However, you need to be prepared and aware of the troubleshooting tips. In the meantime, make sure to perform regular inspections yourself and get a deep fryer repair Springfield expert inspect and repair the appliance regularly as well.

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