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Why You Should Choose A Ductless AC?

Ductless air conditioners, also called mini-split air conditioners, have become quite popular over the years. These units are known for their efficient and effective cooling and heating while keeping the temperature and flow consistent. While ductless air conditioners have several advantages, one should also be aware of their disadvantages especially if you are considering purchasing one. We will go through the pros and cons of installing a ductless air conditioner so that you can make a smart decision.

Easy Installation

The biggest advantage of opting for a ductless air conditioning system is easy installation. Unlike the traditional HVAC systems that need some labor work to install ductwork, ductless air conditioners are not the same and are still relatively more efficient. Ductless air conditioners simply consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. There is a refrigerant line that connects them to each other.

In most cases, the only difficult part is making a small hole in the wall to make way for the refrigerant line to pass through the wall and reach from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. However, connecting and fitting the refrigerant lines should be done with care as well because if not, the refrigerant will leak.

The process is still quite easy. This makes ductless air conditioners the best choice for homeowners who wish to avoid the hassle and save labor costs. Plus, it also makes them a perfect choice for homes that do not have a duct network in place.

This way, they do not have to spend an extra amount of money to install a ducted system specifically in place just as in the case of regular HVAC systems. More importantly, because ductless air conditioners can perform without ductwork, they eliminate the potential for air loss through gaps or leaks. This ensures the system operates efficiently and there is no fluctuation in the temperatures.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is another noteworthy consideration that makes ductless air conditioners a considerable option. In the case of regular HVAC systems, everything needs to be in perfect condition for the unit to perform at its peak efficiency and effectiveness. Even if there is a minor gap or a crack, it will cause the air to escape and put additional stress on the unit.

However, ductless air conditioners do not have to go through all that since they do not require extensive ductwork. According to several studies, ductless air conditioners are comparatively 30% more effective than HVACs with ductwork as they tend to lose most of the air through the ductwork.

But, since ductless air conditioners provide direct air to the rooms, there is no chance duct leakage. Furthermore, modern ductless air conditioners come with inverter technology. This technology further helps save electricity and reduce your monthly energy bill by adjusting the temperature based on the temperature inside.

Unlike conventional air conditioners that consume the same amount of electricity, inverters use RPMs to control the utilization of electricity. Once the unit has reached the desired temperature, the compressor will not shut off. Instead, the unit will reduce its power to maintain the temperature.

Better Air Quality

Choosing a ductless air conditioner becomes a necessity if you are struggling with air quality at your home. One thing you need to keep in mind is that kids and elderly are more sensitive to air quality. Poor indoor air quality can cause respiratory and other health problems. That said, ductless air conditioners not only provide efficient cooling and heating but also help improve the air quality.

Another reason ductwork is not a good idea is because with time it becomes clogged as well especially if they are sitting dormant. In regions where air conditioners are not used throughout the year, rats, birds and other intruders tend to take up accommodation. This could damage the ductwork.

Moreover, ductless air conditioners come with advanced multi-stage filtration systems that can trap and keep harmful particles at bay such as mold, dust, and bacteria. That way, you can ensure that the air being distributed inside the house is clean and healthy.


While we have discussed the advantages of choosing a ductless air conditioner, it is now time to cover the disadvantages. If you are planning to choose a ductless air conditioner, keep in mind that these units are relatively more costly than the forced ACs. This is because of the cost of the indoor and outdoor units and also because you need to hire a professional to install them.

However, ductless air conditioners tend to save you a lot of on electricity bills in the long run based on the zoning capabilities, which can help reduce the wastage of electricity. That said, it could help avoid expensive electricity bills in the long run. Moreover, if you keep them maintained using the AC repair services Smithtown, they will stay efficient for a longer amount of time.

Reduced Noise

Ductless air conditioners are a perfect choice for those who have a sensitive sleeping pattern. Also, it is the best option for kids and the elderly who struggle with sleeping.

Ductless air conditioners make a noise of around 19 decibels when functioning. This is a low noise similar to that of rustling leaves or a whisper. This means that you can enjoy the peace and serenity of your house without having to worry about the banging or whirring noises in the ductwork.

Additionally, the outdoor unit is placed outside and if there is enough distance, you won’t notice it’s noise at all. However, this benefit is also present in HVAC systems as their outdoor unit is placed outdoors as well.


Another disadvantage of installing ductless air conditioners is that they are mostly installed on the walls and ceilings. While they are compact and discreet when compared to the regular units, you might still find them distractive or unattractive especially if you are very conscious about their home settings.

So, if appearance is a major concern, you need to make sure that installing a ductless air conditioner won’t make the space look distorted. You might want to consult an expert in this matter to help you get through the complicated situation especially if you have no other choice but to go for a ductless air conditioner.

Requires More Space To Install

Although ductless air conditioners are robust but still need a bit more space to install the indoor and outdoor units. As mentioned earlier, indoor units also tend to be small but do require some space. This could be a problem if you are already struggling with space.

Plus, the outdoor unit also needs to be installed on a stable surface, away from other heat sources and trees, shrubs, etc. Then again, this could be a challenge if you are living in an apartment. Therefore, before purchasing a ductless air conditioning system, make sure you go through the entire house to pick the perfect place for the unit installation.


You should choose a ductless air conditioning system if you have sufficient space, and budget and want better air quality and reduced electricity bills. However, if budget is a problem along with the space as well, you will have to either consult an expert or go for other options. There is no doubt that a ductless Mitsubishi AC installation Ronkonkoma is worthy of investment but you need to make sure the prerequisites are met as well.

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