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Choosing the right kitchen countertop

There are many options available for kitchen countertops for example one can choose from quartz kitchen countertops or marble tops. Or perhaps, granite countertops. Both are amazing choices. But your choice will depend on your preferences. Here are some guidelines to help decide what would be the best kitchen countertop for your kitchen.

Buying kitchen tops

The kitchen is the one living space in the house that needs to be functional and welcoming. It needs to feel appealing enough for people to want to hang out and yet be spacious enough so that actual cooking can get done. To make sure the kitchen is multi-functional, it is essential to have good kitchen countertops.

What is Your Personal Style?

The kitchen is just as much the heart of the house, just as much as the living room. Before you choose the material for a countertop, like marble or quartz, you must ask yourself, what is your style and what aesthetic is pleasing to you. Do you want a grand look and feel to the kitchen or are functionality and budget the main priority?

The Lure of Marble

Marble is a beautiful stone to work with but it is vastly different from the look of quartz. Marble gives a very luxurious and opulent look. Due to the visible veins throughout the stone an element of texture is added,while the surface is smooth. This makes it ideal for cutting, chopping, or even kneading dough and all other cooking related functions.

Another great quality is that marble maintains the ability to easily gel with other interior design options you may have.

Longevity of Marble Surfaces

One thing to consider when choosing marble is that while it is a natural stone, rarer marble options like Calacatta marble can be on the more expensive side. However Carrara marble is more budget friendly.

Maintenance of marble surfaces in the long run can be harder, because since they are a soft stone the surface can get scratched easily.  Polished marble will create a high gloss look, but again this surface is harder to keep clean from wine stains and scratches. The other options are leathered and honed marble. Leathered is more adaptable and scratch-resistant and honed down marble finish creates a less cold look, and livens up the interior. 

The Enchantment of Quartz Countertops

Engineered stone or quartz countertops are also an extremely popular option for kitchen countertops. What makes quartz countertops so attractive as an option is their longevity and their durability.

One of the best things about quartz is that they are completely opposite of the weaknesses that marble countertops hold. Quartz is stain resistant, and durable like concrete, not only does this mean it’s a stronger surface, it also means that there will be less visible scratches etc. This makes maintenance much easier than marble.

From a hygiene point of view since quartz is a non-porous surface it won’t be conducive to bacteria or viruses, which is so important in a post-pandemic world.

Deciding Factor

The important thing to remember when choosing your kitchen countertops, is remembering what your aesthetic and style says about you. Equally pertinent is the budget that you have set aside for the kitchen countertops which will help guide you towards either marble or quartz countertops.

It’s not just about one time purchase or renovation, it is also about maintenance and durability in the long run, therefore go through the pros and cons of both stones and choose wisely. At the end of the day whether it is a marble or quartz kitchen countertops Potomac, it is something that will be part of your home for a long time.

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