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Gunite Pools vs Vinyl Liner Pools

Choosing the best liner for your pool can be a difficult task. Both gunite and Vinyl tend to be the most popular choices in that respect and most in ground pool builders recommend them. While one happens to be flexible and budget-friendly, the other is long-lasting and durable. Therefore, we are going to dive into the differences between the two and see what you choose as a perfect option.

Difference Between Gunite And Vinyl Pools

The basic difference between gunite and Vinyl pools is that vinyl liners are easily removable and flexible and come in a variety of colors. Meanwhile, gunite pools are made using rebar and plastic and they are always inground pools. However, you can come up with a vinyl liner in-ground or above-ground vinyl liner pool as well.

Furthermore, gunite pools are always in-ground pools due to the fact that they are simply too heavy. You cannot have them as above-ground pools. On the other hand, vinyl pool liners can be easily removed and replaced within a day. You need to perform a few steps to get a new vinyl liner.

Moreover, in the case of gunite pools, support beams are used to keep the pool from caving in or sinking. These act as support structures behind the gunite. To add internal support, plaster is used on gunite.

Plus, gunite pools always use PVC, meanwhile, vinyl liner pools can use both corrugated plastic hoses or PVC. Even though corrugated hoses are not that durable but are both very flexible and inexpensive.

Pros And Cons Of gunite And Vinyl Liner Pools

To help make the right decision, you will need to go into the details to see the difference between the two types of pools. Gunite can be replaced with vinyl but vinyl can’t be replaced with gunite.

Pros Of Gunite Pools

First off, gunite pools have a longer lifespan when compared to vinyl liners. However, it mostly depends on the maintenance of gunite. At the same time, if there are any minor cracks or stains, they will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Additionally, plaster pools can be acid washed to bring out a new layer. What you need to do is drain the pool and wash it using muriatic acid and a wire brush. As a result, the combination will rip off the existing layer removing all the stains, stubborn dirt, and grime along with it. But keep in mind that the process is not going to be easy if you are doing it the first time.

And finally, gunite is both resistant and durable. This means shock, clumped salt, and other chemicals will not harm the material if they are there for a few hours. In fact, prolonged exposure to the sun won’t harm as well.

Cons Of Gunite Pools

While there are some pros to opting for gunite pools, you should not forget the cons. To begin with, gunite is comparatively a lot more susceptible to black algae blooms. It can also leak calcium into the water, which can lead to stains.

On the other hand, gunite pools cost more than vinyl or fiberglass pools. This is due to the support structure and all the other groundwork that goes into building a gunite pool.

Pros Of Vinyl Liners

When compared to gunite, vinyl liners tend to be relatively cheaper. This is a great option for those who are working with a limited budget. The reason is that you won’t have to pay for the support beams and dig a hole in the ground.

Plus, vinyl liners come in a variety of color options, which makes it easy to select a color of your choice. At the same time, vinyl is a lot easier to clean as well. Since the material is soft, you can use a soft bristle brush and a wheeled vacuum as it does not absorb algae quickly.

Cons Of Vinyl Liners

Opposite to gunite liners, vinyl liners cannot withstand harsh chemicals. Moreover, you cannot use a stiff wire brush to clean the pool as it will simply rip the vinyl. On top of that, vinyl liner pools do not last as long as plaster pools. Adding to that, vinyl stains are much more difficult to remove. Fortunately, you can replace the liner without changing the entire swimming pool.

Final Word

To decide between a gunite and vinyl liner pool, you should define your budget, needs, and preferences. Vinyl liners are cheap and do not last long. Gunite pools are expensive but require support structures and all that. This means that you should carefully weigh the differences and make a choice that serves your purpose. Consult pool contractors Long Island who can help you in the decision-making process.

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