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Different type of patio design patterns

Patio design is more than just selecting the right stones or pavers; it’s about crafting a space that complements both the architectural style of your home and the aesthetic of your outdoor environment. One critical aspect of patio design is the pattern in which the stones or pavers are laid. These patterns can transform a simple space into a captivating masterpiece. Among the plethora of designs available, Herringbone and Basket Weave are two that stand out because of their unique aesthetic and enduring popularity. You can contact your patio contractors and inquire more about these styles.

Different patio styles

This article dives deep into these patterns and sheds light on some other captivating designs.


The herringbone pattern is characterized by rectangular blocks or pavers set in a V-shaped design. It is named so because it resembles the bones of the herring fish. This pattern is timeless, offering both a classic feel and a dynamic visual effect, as it appears that the pavers are moving in alternating directions.

Herringbone’s strength lies in its ability to distribute weight evenly, making it an excellent choice for driveways or patios that expect heavy foot traffic or furniture. When combined with complementary landscaping, the herringbone pattern can truly make your patio the focal point of your outdoor space.

Basket Weave

The basket weave pattern exudes a quaint charm, drawing inspiration from woven baskets. To achieve this look, pairs of rectangular blocks or pavers are placed vertically and horizontally, creating the illusion of over and under weaving. One of the main attractions of the basket weave pattern is its versatility. It can blend seamlessly into a rustic country setting or provide a contrasting old-world charm in a contemporary setting.

Moreover, basket weave is relatively easy to install, making it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts. Its repetitive pattern is simple to follow, yet the finished look is anything but mundane.

Running Bond

Apart from the herringbone and basket weave, another pattern for outdoor patio that has garnered immense popularity due to its elegant simplicity is the running bond. This pattern uses rectangular pavers laid in a staggered, overlapping manner, much like how bricks are laid in a wall. Running bond is a safe choice for those aiming for a neat and structured look without the complexity of more intricate patterns.


For those yearning for a touch of antiquity and rugged charm, the cobblelock pattern, reminiscent of ancient European streets, is a perfect choice. Here, unevenly shaped stones are set in a seemingly random arrangement. However, it is this calculated randomness that gives the cobblelock its distinct character, transporting one back to bygone eras.

The Importance of Professional Installation

While choosing the right pattern is pivotal, ensuring a professional installation is equally crucial. Proper installation ensures that the patio is not just visually pleasing but also durable and safe. This involves ensuring a good foundation, appropriate spacing, and efficient drainage.

Trending patio designs in the coming year

The patio is often regarded as an extension of our living space, a place where the indoors seamlessly blends with the outdoors. As homeowners increasingly seek solace in their outdoor spaces, patio designs have evolved to incorporate both comfort and style. With each year, new design trends emerge that redefine the way we perceive and utilize our patios. Let’s explore the trending patio designs set to make waves in the upcoming year.

Outdoor rooms

One of the most notable trends gaining momentum is the concept of the ‘outdoor room’. No longer is a patio merely a space with some outdoor furniture and potted plants. It is transforming into a fully functional living area. This design involves a holistic approach, considering aspects like seating, lighting, flooring, and even outdoor entertainment setups. The outdoor room trend emphasizes creating a space that mirrors the comfort and aesthetics of an indoor living room while retaining the charm of being amidst nature. Similarly, outdoor fireplace builders Long Island are also going to become busy due to increasing interest in outdoor fireplaces.

Biophilic Designs

Biophilia, a term that encapsulates our innate connection with nature, has found its way into patio designs. Biophilic patio designs emphasize integrating natural elements into the space, be it through the use of natural materials, incorporating water features, or creating garden patios filled with lush greenery. The aim is to create a space that offers serenity and promotes well-being, allowing homeowners to reconnect with nature in the heart of their homes.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Choices

With the world gravitating towards sustainable living, patio designs are not far behind. The upcoming year will witness a surge in patios designed with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices. This includes the use of locally sourced stones, recycled materials, and sustainable wood. Additionally, sustainable designs also focus on aspects like efficient water drainage and incorporating native plants, which require minimal water, thereby promoting water conservation.

Multi-functional Patios

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to modern patio designs. Homeowners are looking for designs that cater to various needs – from hosting gatherings to offering a tranquil space for relaxation. Multi-functional patios achieve this by incorporating features like adjustable seating, retractable roofing, and modular furniture. The idea is to have a space that can effortlessly transform based on the occasion and the homeowner’s needs.

Incorporating Technology

In our tech-driven world, patios are not untouched by the wave of innovation. The integration of technology into patio designs is becoming increasingly common. Whether it’s smart lighting systems that adjust based on the time of day, outdoor sound systems for entertainment, or advanced heating solutions for cooler days, technology is enhancing the patio experience, making it more comfortable and convenient.

Embracing Minimalism

The timeless adage “less is more” is finding renewed significance in patio designs. Minimalism is not just about having fewer items but is a broader design philosophy focusing on simplicity, functionality, and creating spaces that evoke tranquillity. A minimalist patio design often employs a neutral color palette, streamlined furniture, and avoids excessive ornamentation.

However, the true essence of this design trend lies in its approach to space. Every element, be it a piece of furniture or a decorative accent, is chosen with intentionality and serves a specific purpose. This decluttered space, free from overwhelming elements, promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. Moreover, the clean lines and unobtrusive design allow the beauty of nature to take center stage, making the outdoors the true highlight of the patio.


The patterns in which pavers are laid play a crucial role in determining the overall aesthetic and functionality of a patio. While the herringbone and basket weave are undeniably popular choices, the beauty of patio design lies in the myriad of possibilities it offers. From the simple elegance of the running bond to the rugged allure of the cobblelock, there’s a design to match every vision. A well-chosen pattern, combined with professional installation, promises a patio that’s both beautiful and built to last. By with different patio builders Long Island, you can easily figure out what type of patio is best for your needs.

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