Some attractive rug ideas for you

Rugs are extremely popular because they make it incredibly easy for you to transform your room. If you only want to include a single item in your room to create a big impact, buying a rug is the way to go! By getting the antique rugs for your living room, you will be able to create the highest impact.

If you get the right rug for your living room, you will be able to put together various accents, and include a pattern in your otherwise boring looking room.

Top rug design ideas

In this article, we put together a number of attractive rug design ideas that you can use. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article until the very end in order to receive the best ideas.

Factors to consider

Before we get into the basics of rug design and various ideas, let us talk about some basic factors that you have to consider before choosing rugs. These include:


First of all, choosing the right type of rug is incredibly important. It should be of the right scale for you room. Otherwise, if it is too large or too small, it can ruin the aesthetics of your room. Though, bigger rugs are usually more expensive. So, you will have to check your finances.


With that, the color of the rug should match with the aesthetics of your room. Mismatched rugs can create an uncomfortable feeling, and take away the warmth of the room.


It is also important for a rug to feel comfortable, rather than just looking good. So, do not just consider them as a show-piece. Rather, consider the value that rugs can add comfort-wise.


Lastly, the style of the rug is also of incredible importance. Make sure that there is a good pattern, that suits your room’s theme.

Creating a coastal vibe

This is the very first idea in our list. You can create a coastal vibe with a dreamy blue colored rug. Such a theme is incredibly suitable for rooms where you need a bit of relaxation. Make sure that the rug is paired with natural colors such as white, gray, or beige.

Such ideas are often used by home interior designers to bring an amazing look into the room. So, try this if you want a beach vibe.

Mid-century modern room

If you want a modern room with mid-century vibe, then consider adding an area rug with vibrant colors. In such a style, furniture is often colored and happens to be the focal point. So, make sure that the area rug has a very bold pattern. In this regard, Persian rugs can be a great addition.

Similarly, some rugs that are made of silk can also be a great choice for as long as they have a very bold design. Remember, in this type of rooms, boldness is the key.

Tropical inspired rugs

Do you want a tropical style in your living room but do not want over-done decorations? Well, just try to get a tropical patterned area rug. These rugs have big patterns and vibrant colors. While this may not go well with furniture, they are great for the floor’s tone. Furthermore, you can also accent the colors from the palette of the rug and pair it up with some pillows and artwork.


The above mentioned three ideas are perhaps the most valuable when it comes to unique vibes. Furthermore, a beachy vibe, mid-century vibe, and a tropical vibe is perhaps the most demanded ones nowadays. This is all based on the current trends.

Lastly, whether you are going to Persian rug stores Vienna VA or wool rug stores, make sure that the store is top-rated!

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