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How To Remodel Your Attic?

For most people, the attic is an extra space to store some belongings. Considering the rising property prices and the cost of living, more and more people consult home addition companies to utilize their existing space to accommodate growing families. If you have an attic that doesn’t have any use, here are a few tips you can follow to remodel it into a living space.

Plan It Out

The first thing to do is planning out the attic remodel. Most homeowners ignore this basic factor thinking that things will fall in place themselves. However, reality is a lot different than what you have in mind. External factors play an important role and can influence the remodeling project.

This is why, even experts recommend people to take their time for planning a remodel. While planning, you need to perform a personal inspection and see if the attic needs repairs. Plus, you need to take a good look at the space available and try to determine how you are going to utilize the space along with the purpose.

The purpose is the most important aspect here as it will define how the space is going to be utilized. For instance, you might be remodeling your attic to turn it into a library or a bedroom. There is a big difference between the two. Having a library means you will most likely spend some time alone or reading.

Whereas, if you are planning a bedroom, you are going to need space for at least two people to move around freely. Therefore, the size and the positioning of the bed along with other furniture will need to be given some thought. And, if possible, consult an expert. They will help utilize the space as efficiently as possible.

Building Codes & Permits

The next important factor you need to keep in mind is building codes and permits. Remodeling your attic might seem a simple process but some states have strict regulations about remodeling or renovating properties. That said, you will need to check in with the local authorities and inform them of the process.

It might be that you need a permit to start the remodeling project. The permit is simply a permission granted by the state allowing the homeowner to make changes to their properties having followed the regulations. Furthermore, you might need to make some necessary changes as well.

For instance, some states require at least 7 feet of height from floor to ceiling. If you do not have that much headspace, you should have an expert to raise the roofline. Moreover, if your attic has a pull-down ladder or staircase, it might not work. You will need a permanent staircase.

Apart from that, you will also need an emergency exit or accessible window. Ensuring that you meet such requirements will help avoid legal troubles.

Heating And Ventilation

In most cases, attics do not have proper heating and ventilation. Ventilation is a must for converting the attic into a living space else spending time there won’t be possible. In addition to that, attics can be relatively colder places than the other floors or areas of the house. This means you will need to install a heating and cooling system.

If you already have an HVAC system installed, you will need to call in the experts and see if it can handle an additional room. Keep in mind that you will need to install new ductwork, which is going to cost you a pretty penny. So, if you do not have the budget, you can opt for a mini-split system or a fan for the time being.


Once you have acquired the permits and ensured the process will conform to the building codes, it is time for you to clean out the attic. Not many people realize that removing the clutter and organizing the attic gives you a clearer idea of how much space you have.

Otherwise, with things lying down here and there, you will not have a proper idea of the amount of space available. It might be that you do not need to make significant changes to the attic once the attic has been cleaned out and you have more space than imagined.


Attics are not well-known for their lighting. If you intend to turn the attic into a living area, you need to make sure there is enough lighting. Plus, the lighting system also sets the vibe of the space. It does not mean that you must spend on expensive lighting systems. Simply opt for something that offers a balance of brightness and coziness similar to something you would use for a condo remodel DC.

For the room to have a welcoming feel, you should go for bright white lights. Whereas, if you want the mood to be casual and comfortable, you should go for a regular color. Furthermore, you should also add a window to let some air and light inside.

If installing a lighting system is not possible, you can opt for lamps or other budget-friendly options that will make the room look more visually appealing.

Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

This is where things will start to become serious for the attic. Because attics are usually ignored, there may be cracks, damage, dust, dirt, leakage, etc. causing the existing paint or finish to diminish. That said, you will need to paint your attic room again.

However, make sure the theme matches the rest of the house. You can opt for a variety of colors but the attic needs to stand out and blend in at the same time. This may be a hard task to achieve but you should consult an expert.

Add Storage

Even if you intend to use the attic for the same storage purpose, you should add some extra bit of storage. Your attic will look organized if things are properly stored and placed. If after the remodeling, the situation remains the same, there is no point in spending so much time and money.

To avoid things from scattering all over the attic, you should add some storage. It could be in the form of a closet, drawer, or shelves. This will also help keep delicate and unique items away from harm.

Fix The Floor

If the walls of the attic are not in good shape, there is a chance the floor needs a bit of repairs as well. The reason is that moisture, leakages, etc. travel down from the walls and affect the floor. Plus, if the attic remained ignored all these years, it is time to get it fixed.

However, in this case, you will need to call in a team of professionals as it is a risky process. You will need to cover and move away all the items under the attic to keep them from breaking, dust, and dirt. This might be a cost depending on the condition of the floor but is necessary.


Make sure you focus on practicality and take your time to plan out the process. We will suggest hiring an architect and a home addition contractor McLean to help you spend your money wisely. Otherwise, you might end up choosing things that could be troublesome down the road.

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