Can You Use Rugs As Wall Art

Interior designers define rugs as a piece of art, a statement furniture item that puts the whole room together. It should not only be incorporated in a room to add a sense of texture but the whole aesthetic of the room is dependent on the rug alone. But sometimes a beautiful rug loses its wow factor because it is placed under the foot so to enhance its true colors and beauty, interior designers now incorporate area oriental rugs onto the walls of the most elite of houses and hotels.

Why Use Rugs As Wall Art?

Whether it’s your bedroom, kids’ room, living room, lounge, or dining room, an addition of a rug on the wall will add an interesting element to your house as well as increase the value of the house. It acts as a piece of statement and focuses the attention of the onlooker when they enter a room.

Statement rugs, bold colors, big patterns, big size, and the mixture of patterns and designs will add depth in any room when placed vertically. People are now opting for handcrafted vintage rugs in multiple designs to add a classic touch to their houses rather than choosing paintings or frames. One huge rug placed on a wall in a room instantly turns the room into a striking piece of art.

Rugs In A Bedroom

Rugs add warmth, coziness, perfection, and a welcoming feel when rugs are placed in a bedroom. And if that big artistic piece of the rug is placed directly behind your headboard on the wall, then the feeling of warmth increases threefold. It feels good to touch the soft and furry texture of the rug against the wall. Add a muted-toned vintage rug to balance out a colorful room. Or add a colorful statement piece of an abstract rug in a conventional single-toned room to bring in some playfulness.

Rugs In A Living Room Or Lounge

Imagine sitting in your cozy lounge or living room and staring at a huge statement piece of floral rug with a conventional look and vintage design. You and all those who come into your house will be amazed at how a single rug can add so much of an appeal and look in your previous plain lounge. It brings colors, patterns, design and gives an instant inviting feel. Place a small seating cushion on the floor beside the rug and you would love to relax and lean on the softness of the rug.

Use Of Oriental Rugs To Add A Sense Of Tradition

Oriental rugs are handmade rugs made by skilled artisans and represent the heritage, culture, and traditions of the area from which they originate. They have depth and meaning in them and add a vintage look to your conventional or modern house. They give meaning and depth to a place especially when placed in a huge hotel lobby or in an elite office, or a huge designer shop, or simply in your dining room. You can look at it for hours trying to interpret its design and become mesmerized. It is a shame to place such beautiful oriental rugs on the floors when they can be worshipped on the walls.

Visual Appeal

A simple rug on the wall can convert your ordinary house into a piece of art. It binds the whole room together, brings an aesthetically attractive factor, and becomes the center of attention for any room. It also attaches emotional value to a place such as adding an exotic wall rug to a small sitting area or a reading room adds a sense of relaxation and contentment. It makes the room expand beyond its territory and a great artistic addition in any household.

Visually, it causes entrancement to your visitors or guests or people living in the home and gives a sense of emotional attachment. It is also a great way to hide flaws on any wall of the house. Place a huge rug and you are done.


There are many ways in which you can incorporate a rug on your walls and turn your room from nothing to everything, from plain to a piece of art. It’s just how you use the power of your visuals and imagination. Choose wholesale Persian rugs Alexandria to improve your interior and save money.

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