5 Tips For Coloring Straight Hair

A lot of women love to dye their hair. It’s a no brainer and there are many different ways by which you can dye your hair. If you have natural straight hair or straightened them from a Brazilian keratin salon, below is everything about coloring your straight hair.

Go Light On The Hand

The great thing about straight hair is that it shows hair dye beautifully. Even if you have thick hair, straight hair will show the effects unlike any type of hair. So, with straight hair, there isn’t a lot of effort that goes into hair coloring.

Your specialist will keep a light hand with the hair dye because even a small difference of color will show through. You don’t need to add a lot of layers of dye to straight hair because it shows effortlessly. So, when going for a color change or color which involves ombre or highlights, tell the specialist to keep a light hand on the dye. Even subtle highlights will show off in straight hair.

Highlights are one of the most common hair dye techniques which is most prominent on straight hair. Highlights can be light or dark, depending on your base hair color, so whatever you wish to do with hair dye for highlights, it will show on your straight mane and it will compliment the hair a lot too. Straight hair will look longer with highlights and your highlights will also pop in straight hair. What’s not to love?

Go For Colors Which Compliment Your Hair Style

Straight hair is very easy and versatile when it comes to coloring and dyeing your hair. You can go for any color or style of dye as long as you know how it will compliment your hair when you style it. So, when deciding which color to go for, make sure you keep in mind the fact how you style your hair on an everyday basis.

If you wear your hair curly go for a subtle hair color which will show beautifully in your curled tresses. If you wear your hair straight always, then a simple change of color will shine through your hair too.

Can You Do Balayage On Straight Hair?

Of course, you can do balayage on straight hair. In fact, balayage has the best results on straight hair. Some people will even straighten their hair first before going to get a balayage because the results are that much better.

Balayage shows off beautifully against your straight hair because you can see the complex mix of colors and how they blend with each other through your hair. A darker balayage with light highlights will look beautiful on your straight hair. This will catch more light to your hair and it will look brighter and photogenic as well.

Use Good Products On Your Hair

The key to making your hair dye pop is using the right products in your hair. Straight hair may seem pretty low maintenance but you still need to take care of those tresses so that they can be healthy and shiny for longer. Always use shampoos and conditioners which are suited for straight and colored hair.

After hair dye, your hair will feel brittle and dry, so using a good quality leave-in conditioner and oil treatment is a must. Just make sure that these products are suitable for your hair type and they are safe for colored hair.

Try A Light Ombre

Ombre is a great hair dye technique, which looks amazing on straight hair. The key to getting the perfect ombre is to have a straight base, where you can clearly see where one color ends and the other begins. Ombre is a great hair dye style for your hair, if you want something which is effortless and still looks beautiful. You can even go for a gradual gradient, which will compliment your straight tresses beautifully. It’s all about choosing the right type of hair dye techniques which will complement your hair texture. Straight hair goes with just about any technique.

There you have it! With these simple and easy steps, you will be able to effortlessly dye your straight hair and get the results of your dreams. Visit a balayage hair salon Potomac to avoid hair coloring disasters.

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