How To Care For Your Walk-In Refrigerator

One of the last things you would want with your commercial walk-in refrigerator is it breaking down during a busy day just because it has not been maintained well. Walk-in refrigerators are designed to last at least a decade if properly looked after. We are going to share some useful walk in cooler repair and maintenance tips that will keep your refrigerator running smooth and effortless.

Keep The Condensers Clean

Some components of a walk-in refrigerator are quite expensive when it comes to repairing and replacement. While you can slightly prolong other things, issues related to components like compressors and condensers are not something that should be ignored.

Typically, the condenser is located on the top of a walk-in refrigerator and some users tend to use that space for extra storage. The problem with this is that the airflow is restricted. The condenser requires a sufficient flow of air for the unit to run effortlessly. If something is blocking the airflow, you can expect it to develop problems.

Clean Evaporator Coils

Similar to keeping the condensers clean, it is imperative that you maintain the evaporator coils as well. This is yet again amongst the most expensive components to repair and replace. Furthermore, they are installed and located at more or less the same location, therefore, cleaning them should not be a problem.

While cleaning such components, you should ensure that the unit is turned off from the main supply. Grab a slightly wet microfiber cloth and remove any dirt and dust accumulation. The accumulation of dirt and dust make it difficult for the unit to breathe. As a result, evaporator coils might heat up, ultimately reducing the unit’s efficiency.

Clean Fans And Grills

The fans and grills have everything to do with air. If not anything else, these components are supposed to accumulate dust and dirt sooner than you might think as they are dealing with constant airflow. Surprisingly, most restaurant owners ignore this factor, despite the fact that cleaning the fans and grills is probably the easiest part of the maintenance process.

At the end of each working day, the fans and grills should be cleaned using a damp cloth and soft brush. Sometimes, the dirt and grease accumulation reach the point where the fan motors give up. As a result, you are now looking for a replacement that could have easily been avoided if the unit was timely maintained.

Check The Thermostat

A thermostat is designed to keep the temperature in check. Without the thermostat, the food items inside the refrigerator will simply spoil. Depending on the type of the walk-in refrigerator, it might have a thermostat that runs on batteries. If that is the case, you should replace the batteries before they are due.

However, if the thermostat runs on electricity, you should regularly get it calibrated. Sometimes, when a thermostat is replaced, business owners ignore the calibration factor. Without calibration, the thermostat will not inform the refrigerator to produce cool air.

Check The Seals And Gaskets

The seals and gaskets are there to ensure that the refrigerator is air-tight. With time, they are bound to weaken due to constant opening and closing and since they are made of rubber. If the seals and gaskets were to develop cracks or punctures, air would escape and the compressor would continuously run to maintain the temperature inside.

As a result, you will be hit with expensive energy bills at the end of each month. This is why it is important to look after the seals and regularly inspect them so that they can be replaced before hurting the business.

Listen To Any Unusual Sounds

Walk-in refrigerators make some sounds while they are running, which is perfectly normal. However, if you hear a grinding, squeaking, or rattling noise, you should immediately shut it down and attend to the problem. These sounds are not in any way normal and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Plus, do not attempt to fix the issue on your own if the problem is complicated. We suggest consulting a professional who has the required skills and expertise to solve the issue.

Final Word

Concluding, when it comes to maintaining your walk-in refrigerator, you should follow the above-mentioned tips and let a commercial appliances repair DC technician perform it. This will prevent any breakdowns while the business is busy serving hundreds of customers each day.

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